My Roman(ian) Holiday


Hello, everyone!

Roman Holiday

This is my first try to write blog in English, so I am sorry for the mistakes I will probably make.

In this post I want to talk about my Christmas trip around Romania. It started on 20th of December, my birthday. I live in a small city, Cristur, and if you want to go somewhere, at first you need to go to Sighișoara, which is not so far from our place – it’s about 25 km.


We started hitchhiking and after few minutes the first car stopped for us – it was nice, young couple and they spoke English well. They took us to the place, from where cars go to Brasov. We did not need to wait too much, but it was not the luckiest autostop in our life. At first, I felt really bad in the car because of strange smells, but somehow we reached the place (It is nearly 100 km. from Sighișoara). My friend Arpine gave them cake and we thanked them, but it was not enough for them – they asked for money.

Advice № 1 – always clear up this question from the begining !!! 

During my trip I found out that in Romania some people make their living in this way. So, after stopping car and saying hello, you can add “suntem voluntari. nu avem bani” (We are volunteers and we don’t have money) :D


Brasov is one of the “must see” cities of Romania. What is the first thing you remember, when you hear Transylvania? Let me guess:



You can visit his castle here, in Bran (It’s just 30 km. from Brasov). Actually, I’ve not been there yet, because my friends said it is not so interesting and real, but anyway, I will definitely go there on spring.

We had only one day to spend in Brasov, so, we just walked in the Christmas decorated streets and visited the white tower, from where you can see the nice view of the city. Well, I think I really need to go there one more time – one days is not enough.

the white tower Christmas in Brasov Brasov

One more thing I did in Brasov – my new piercing. It was my birthday present for myself and I love it.

We spent night in another volunteers flat. EVS couchsurfing is really useful here – you don’t spend too much money for hotels and meet young people from all over the world.

I want to thank all of our hosts !!!

On the second day we went to Sinaia (45 km. from Brasov). Now, we were very lucky about the driver. He spoke really good English and made us good company. He left us at the Peleș Castle, which is really worth to see. This was the summer residence of the first King of Romania, Carol the first. Very interesting exterieur and interieur. We felt like princesses.

Sinaia - Castle of Peles

Sinaia – Castle of Peles

After spending more than one hour there, we continued hitchhiking. It was already dark and we were a little bit afraid, but the next driver was very nice man too. He took us to Bucharest – the capital of Romania (125 km).


Did you know that in the last century Bucharest was called “the little Paris”? Actually, in historical way France had a big influence on Romania. I have never been there, but my french friend, Suzanne said, that it reminded her of Bordeaux. Well, as I have not been there too, let’s just trust her.

Triumphal arch in... Bucharest

Triumphal arch in… Bucharest

I had a very good guide, Gurgen, who lives in Bucharest already one year (He is from Armenia, but studies here). He showed me a lot of interesting places and took a lot of pictures of me with them. So, here they are:





One more thing I have to mention about Bucharest is night life – you can find any kind of club, pub or bar here in one small area. Actually, I had my best time in Mojo Karaoke Bar.

Oh, and the last – you can find Mcdonald’s on every step, seriously. If you don’t know ,I am a huge fan of this unhealthy food and I felt really happy, as we don’t have Mcdonald’s in Cristur.

In Bucharest we met our friends and continued travelling together. Hitchhike with eight people – it’s impossible. So, we divided in smaller groups. Next destination- Râmnicu Vâlcea (177 km. from Bucharest). Our group was champion here. We met two young drivers, with whom we had really interesting conversations during our journey and we reached the city first.

 Râmnicu Vâlcea

When we arrived in Ramnicu Valcea, it was already 24th of December evening, so we met Christmas there. The street decorations and Christmas markets were really beautiful. Actually, It was first time for me when I celebrated Christmas on 25th of December, because in Georgia we have this occasion on the 7th of January

 Christmas tree Rimnicu Valcea

Christmas market

 Next day, some of us went to Sibiu, but my group really enjoyed sleeping, so we woke up late and decided to spend some time with our Georgian hosts – Saba, Tamunia, Darinka and their guests from Bucharest, Zaliko and Giorgi. Also, one of the members of my group, Tamara is Georgian, but she lives in Belarus whole her life – anyway, Jeremy was the only one foreigner in a big group of Georgians on that evening.

Rimnicu Valcea River

We had a nice time together – at first, Jeremy performed circus show near the Christmas tree. He had really a lot of spectators. After this we decided to try ice skating. After childhood it was the first time for me – I fell 3 times, but anyway it was funny.

In the evening our friends came back from Sibiu, but as it turned out not everyone reached this city – Suzanne, Jose and Joao could not catch the car, so they decided to have a walk in mountains, where they found this little dog – the cutest puppy ever.


He spent that night with us and next morning, on our way to Sibiu (by the way, we named him after this city) guys left him at Veterinary.


on our way to Sibiu (nearly 100 km.) we changed also two cars. We did not find any hosts there for night, so we decided to spend just few hours there and leave city before getting dark. What can I say about Sibiu – it’s really nice place with interesting architecture. Somehow it reminded me of Sigisoara, but it’s bigger, actually. Also, we saw a huge orthodox church there and I tried to explain main differences between orthodoxy and Catholicism to my friends.

 church in Sibiu

 Church in Sibiu

After, 2 or 3 hours we left Sibiu. Our group was the luckiest one, because we found our driver very soon and he was going directly to Sigisoara, but it was not that easy for our friends – one group could not catch the car at all, so they came to Sigisoara by train and than to Cristur, by taxi.

№ 2 advice – Try hitchhiking before it gets dark

Finally, all of us gathered together at our house. My trip finished here. It was really unforgettable holidays for me and I hope I will continue to travel all around the World!


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